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Must Have Gaming Accessories!

Mastro's Must Have Gaming Accessories!

Today I'm going to talk about some accessories I use from mousepads, cameras, mics, keyboards....


First, a mousepad. Mine is beat up because I use it all the time. This mousepad is my steel series. They have a great mousepads that just roll flat on your desk. It's got good grip and great texture for your gaming mouse. There is a problem I have with this is that when I move the mouse around or when I'm playing a game sometimes I go off the mousepad to the left of the mousepad, and at times in a critical moments while I'm playing sometimes I'm just off the mousepad. I was looking for a solution for that.

To solve that issue I got the Glorious 3XL PC Gaming Mouse Mat, the extended mousepad or game pad. It's the G3XL and this thing comes in black or white. This is it here.

Click Here to see this on Amazon.

This thing is humongous. It covers almost your whole desk. Now with a glorious extended mousepad, the extra large, I can move my mouse anywhere and whether it's wireless or wired, I don't ever have to worry about going off the mousepad like before.

The nice thing about this is that it's machine washable. You can toss it in the washing machine when it gets dirty and you have a nice new clean pad again. This pad is going to cover my whole desk and now I'm not going to have that issue of where's my mousepad. The whole desk will become a mousepad.

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Next up is a Logitech gaming match that I use, which is a G700 S series.

It's about $39, 40-45 bucks. The nice thing about this is that it has a chargeable battery, so you don't ever have to fuss with the batteries. It's both wireless and wired so you can plug it in into your USB port and charge it when you need to. It's got 13 programmable buttons, so you've got the buttons on the side, and there's four more. You can program the various buttons up front as well as the wheel, goes left, right, and down, and in the various, the buttons on top as well.

Click here if you want to see the specs of this mouse.

It's got a sensitivity switch so the nice thing here is if you want more DPI, so the DPI for this mouse goes from 200 to 8,200 DPI. You can change that with these two buttons if you're looking for more responsive command or more of a responsive movement or you want a slower movement. Maybe if you're trying to snipe somebody with the sniper gun on Battlefield or Call of Duty. It's got the dual mode scroll wheel so it's got the click. I don't know if you can hear that. it's got the, if you flip it then you get the free spin so you can just scroll down. This is great if you're ... For me it's great when you're programming, when you have the long page of code and you want to get through or just a long webpage you want to scroll down you can just easily let, you can just let the wheel spin and spin and it'll scroll for you.

What's nice about this as well is that it's got profiles on here for that will remember your last setting, so if you do set these buttons up for various different commands, so if you're playing World of Warcraft, or Tom Clancy, you can switch the profile from one game to another game and then your buttons readjust to what you need them to be.

Mechanical Keyboard

Next is the Corsair keyboard. This is the K70 RGB keyboard.

I bought it for about $170, but you can get it on Amazon now for around $150. It's got your RGB lighting, and you can control the lights on every single key on the keyboard. Every key has a different light and can strobe, can go any color. It also has onboard memory so if you don't plug it from your computer and take it with you and plug it somewhere else it's not going to lose your settings. It also has light profiles. The nice thing about the light profiles is that you can have the keyboard change it's lighting based on what game you play, whether it's World of Warcraft, Tom Clancy, Guild Wars 2. Each game could have a series of lights on the keyboard so that you know what buttons are available to you.

It has a demo mode where all the keys light up and they change colors. You can change the colors for any keys. What they have is an application that allows you to switch rolls, switch profiles. If you're going to play, for example Elder Scrolls you can see here certain keys will light up. I've lit up my WAC keys for movement. My yellow keys are for different various skills. I have a bunch of dark blue keys which are for UI interfaces. Again, that's something I configure and I setup.

Click here if you want to see this keyboard up close on Amazon.

If I switch games, so if I go to Guild Wars 2 then all the lights change, and now they're configured for Guild Wars 2 and all the keys related to that. My skills are yellow still so I keep the same color meanings across the different games. They have also, you can see here there's different lighting effects so you can try or play with any of these types of different lighting effects on your keyboard.

Streaming Webcam

Next is a Logitech C922X. This is a 1080P streaming web cam from Logitech. It has a great quality picture. It's 60 frames per second, so it's definitely a high quality video. It has a background removing technology so they do have a program you can download. It's not like the Intel camera sense at all. It's not going to bog your machine down with a bunch of install drivers. It does have the capabilities to try to remove the background from the video.

Logitech Web Cam

Click here if you want to see this web cam's specs.

The Logitech is $99. It's a great web cam. You don't have to deal with all that extra, all those bells and whistles that you're never going to use such as in the razor star gazer or other Intel sense cameras. With the camera, also got the privacy cover. It's 15 bucks. The little cover designed for the Logitech. You can see here and you can open or close that in case you're worried about that and watching you while you do whatever you're doing.

Accessory Organization

Last thing I want to show is this wire bag. It's the Be Unique Be Myself bag, BUBM. It's $15 on Amazon.

Click here to see this on Amazon - it comes in a bunch of colors.

This bag I carry around in my backpack. What's nice about this is you have a place for all your wires. You can put all your wires here. You have a zip bag which is where I put some USB sticks, my rubber ducky, my little rubber ducky hacking tool so it's not an actual rubber ducky, if you know about what this is. Various connectors, wireless USB sticks, everything I would need, charging ports. On the other side it's got another pocket for larger cables. It's a great cable organizer so you have a couple big pockets here. I have an ethernet cable in here and then there is a larger pocket where I have an extra HDMI cable because you never know when you need an extra HDMI cable!

This is what I use and I find it really handy.

Those are the accessories I use on a daily basis. Thanks for stopping by to read the blog. I appreciate it.

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